J'ai moonwalké, sans cesse, jusqu'à l'épuisement

Jan. 16 - Feb. 16, 2013

Samuel Roy-Bois transforms PARISIAN LAUNDRY’s coveted bunker space into a private site for performance, inviting the viewer-participant to consider the following: An eclipse is not a disappearance. Neither is someone moving to a different room a missing person. Through the exhibition J'ai moonwalké, sans cesse, jusqu'à l'épuisement, ideas of remoteness and concealment are explored. These concepts seem to imply a certain narrative, a chain of events: there is a before and there is an after. Roy-Bois’s interest lies in what can be found between these two moments and more precisely in how our understanding of sites and events is strangely augmented through obliteration. His approach for this exhibition is multilateral and is comprised of three components: 1. a group of monochrome paintings on photographs; 2. a room dedicated to musical practice where the public is invited to privately play the drums; 3. a very limited edition artist book synthesizing the exhibition.

Originally from Quebec City, Samuel Roy-Bois is currently residing in Vancouver. He acquired his BFA from Université Laval in Quebec (1996) and a Masters Degree in Fine Arts from Concordia University in Montréal (2001). His installations have been shown across Canada and internationally; his solo exhibitions include I had a great trip despite a brutal feeling of cognitive dissonance, Artspeak, Vancouver, 2012, Polarizer, Southern Alberta Art Gallery, 2009, Let us, then, be up an doing..., Contemporary Art Gallery, Vancouver, 2008; Divertissements, Point éphémère, Paris, 2007; Improbable and ridiculous, Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal, 2006; J'ai entendu un bruit, je me suis sauvé, Or Gallery, Vancouver, 2003.