Deflective Skepticism & Critical Plinking

May 1 - June 14, 2014

Montreal collective MAW presents a site-specific project in Parisian Laundry’s bunker space. MAW’s process-based sculptures assume that the end is inevitable and that homogeneity is the means to said inevitability. The objects and narratives in this work were created with the intention of being destroyed. Through the act of shooting their work with firearms of varying sorts MAW democratizes their collective thoughts by leveling them to the same plane of being, forcing all ideas into an equally accessible scope by not allowing them to have a genesis, but just an end as rubble. The works become a monumental effigy, having been critiqued in the harshest way by the hands that created them, they have been cared for, loved, hated and destroyed. Deflective Skepticism and Critical Plinking playfully denotes a mode of thought that makes light of art historical reference and criticism. Plinking is onomatopoeic and a standard shooting term, referring to the action and resulting sound of shooting a non-traditional target, such as a tin can. The immediate misnomer when reading the title is a transgression from classically rooted critical thinking prefaced with re(de)flective skepticism, a practice within critical thinking.

MAW is a brand. Furthermore it is a corporate brand, which is occupied exclusively by secured shareholders, and which seeks to explore self-interest under a veil of faceless, and socially valuable product. And so MAW stands brazenly, creating personal fabrications that are not worth their weight in Canadian pennies. Undeterred, the shareholders of MAW revel in excitement. Collectively they share a desire to prospect nuance from the many materials which motivate their process. Continually they pursue to present the experience of inexperience, combining the ideological with that of the material. By colluding with the spectacular, MAW remains shameless, and chooses to hoist their sense of value high into the air to flap or fall. -Gabriel Baribeau, Jackson Darby, Max Evans, John Gunner, Craig Spence, Simon Zaborski